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In A Box - Where You Can Find the Best Student Essentials Packs

Starting a new chapter in life can take many forms - one of which is going away to study at university.

At In A Box, we understand that things can get pretty busy for incoming university students and even their parents. The excitement and anxiety can also add to the number of things you have to deal with.
To make things easier, In A Box offers a variety of student essentials packs for university that can help make this transition smoother and more convenient for these students.

High-quality packs of student essentials for university

We offer an extensive selection of student essentials pack to ensure incoming first years will have everything they might need in beginning their life away from home. Our suite of essentials for university includes packages for bedding, bath necessities and kitchen utensils.

We recognise that students have unique individual needs, and that is why we offer other variations of our student essentials packs for university to give you flexible and practical options: kitchen starter, home comfort pack, and extra starter pack. Parents who want to add something special as a going away gift for their students can choose from our wide array of gift packs that will surely cheer them up and remind them of home.

Give them the best student essentials for university

As part of our commitment to equip these students with the best for university, our UK experts took the time to carefully evaluate what new university students may need.

Based on that, and with practicality and affordability in mind, we were able to create a selection of products that answers the basic necessities students might have for university. With a new challenge they are about to face, first year students need all the support they can get. Giving them the essentials for university can make them feel cared for and ready to face a new start in their life.

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  • “Fab idea! Can't wait to try out. Turns a practical solution into a fun one and saves an awful lot of time!
    Jenny Ashton
  • “Lots of different ideas to suit as well as treat ideas to let them know I'm thinking of them whilst they're away :-).
    Julie Barker
  • “This is an excellent product and I only wish it had been available when my children went to Uni.
    Michael Bullock
  • “I loved my bedding in a box!!
    Emma Wilson
  • “Thank you In a Box for providing my son with all of his linen, kitchen and stationary equipment. To get to University he had to travel by plane, which limited the amount of items, he could take with him. I am extremely happy that I was able to order his bedding and towels to arrive directly to his University. It certainly saved my son from shopping on arrival!
    Mrs Connolly
  • “Chocolate, Crisps and Coffee please keep sending them to me as it gets me through my work crisis!!!